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All I want for Christmas is…

I had a bit of a ‘Falling Down’ moment this week. Fortunately for all concerned, our restrictive gun licensing laws prevented my fossicking around for the pink 5 Round 38 Special Smith & Wesson in my hand bag. The weeks … Continue reading

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Smooth criminal

To be honest, I thought I had it all going on. The top and pant combo, comfy yet funky trainers, tousled locks settling into semi-obedient waves and I was rocking a red lip. Yep, looking good, lady, looking good. This … Continue reading

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It’s been one of those days when I wish I wore a uniform and carried an electric cattle prod. As if my job isn’t excruciating enough without having to deal with large life forms in stretch pants meandering in pairs … Continue reading

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Bio mum

Let’s be quite clear about this – the gene pool probably needs a good dose of chlorine.  That’s mine, not yours – I’m sure yours is a mine of inherited intellect and unalloyed attractiveness. This introspection generally arises around the … Continue reading

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Free Styler

The thing about hand me downs is that you often find yourself wearing something you wouldn’t have actually contemplated purchasing in the first instance. I recently became the recipient of several summer frocks. I use the word ‘frock’ advisedly in … Continue reading

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My diamond days are over.

Turns out diamonds are not my best friend. I was recently charged with the task of merchandising a selection of diamond rings, bangles and earrings; a fiddly job that gave me new appreciation for my opposable thumbs. Surreptitiously slipping on … Continue reading

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