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Let’s chat, you don’t have to say a word.

I may have become that woman. She’s been waiting for me and now I’m here. *********************************************************************** I love freelancing, I get to wander into cafes with my laptop, order a coffee and settle in for a couple of hours of … Continue reading

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Smooth criminal

To be honest, I thought I had it all going on. The top and pant combo, comfy yet funky trainers, tousled locks settling into semi-obedient waves and I was rocking a red lip. Yep, looking good, lady, looking good. This … Continue reading

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Ageing Beauty

So there I was swathed in capes and towels contemplating the furrow of lurex threads adorning my part line and wondering when my regrowth touchups went from every three months to every five weeks, when a magazine cover caught my … Continue reading

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Free Styler

The thing about hand me downs is that you often find yourself wearing something you wouldn’t have actually contemplated purchasing in the first instance. I recently became the recipient of several summer frocks. I use the word ‘frock’ advisedly in … Continue reading

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My 22 year old has just been telling me how eleven year old girls are posting elaborately staged, glamour photos of themselves on Instagram and how confusing these images must be for boys of the same age. We both bemoaned … Continue reading

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