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Working at being grown up

Perhaps it’s the time of year? Steeped as we are, in the sometime sobriety of FebFast, having cannonballed past the dread festive season with its Auld Lang bloody Syne’s and  associated reflection and resolution, talk turns to job satisfaction or lack … Continue reading

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Let me ‘right’ it!

Can you just read over this please, Mum? When is it due? Um, today… I look at my watch. 11.23pm. Well it was due today, but it’s ok, I’ll hand it in first thing tomorrow. Obviously. Flash back to 1999. … Continue reading

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The Cabin in the woods – part 2

So to recap – My youngest daughter, D2, had returned for a second tenure working at a summer camp in Massachusetts. She had spent the previous American summer there and had fallen in love with the culture, the location and … Continue reading

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Back to the fold.

I’d like to say that the weight of expectation is heavy indeed, but the fact remains that my scant handful of mostly American followers are probably just wondering where that blogger from Austria went? Maybe she’s skiing or listening to … Continue reading

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The knead to relax.

My relationship with all forms of beauty therapy is fraught at best. In the interest of background research please now refer to last years blog post, ‘The Spa Treatment’, for further insight into the vagaries of salons… and Croatians. For … Continue reading

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I’d always thought it was pronounced Cranbourne as in Melbourne – but it’s not; it’s Cranbin or Cranny if you’re a local. I headed out to Melbourne’s outer south east in my capacity as an independent sales consultant with a … Continue reading

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