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Working at being grown up

Perhaps it’s the time of year? Steeped as we are, in the sometime sobriety of FebFast, having cannonballed past the dread festive season with its Auld Lang bloody Syne’s and  associated reflection and resolution, talk turns to job satisfaction or lack … Continue reading

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Let me ‘right’ it!

Can you just read over this please, Mum? When is it due? Um, today… I look at my watch. 11.23pm. Well it was due today, but it’s ok, I’ll hand it in first thing tomorrow. Obviously. Flash back to 1999. … Continue reading

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Art for art’s sake.

From the moment my youngest daughter could hold a pencil the world at large became a colossal sketchpad. Every surface was an invitation to illustrate and I swear she developed her own graffiti tag at 18 months. She was an … Continue reading

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Status update – from go to woe

Welcome to the world and welcome to Facebook where your entire life from zygote to delivery has been assiduously documented. From the remarkable 4D scan (ok, about that…forgive me if I’m a tad cynical about the actual geometric possibilities of … Continue reading

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What’s cooking?

Second born is quietly going about the business of preparing for another stint of living in the USA (stand back!) There’s not a whole lot I’m required to do. Unlike the good old days when I was the boss of … Continue reading

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Like a Tiger…

I am at that tiresome point in life where suddenly there is a compulsion to bemoan the dearth of quality made *insert item here * to all and sundry. It is entirely possible that we are chronologically predisposed to yearn … Continue reading

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How are you feeling about this?

Her Facebook status reveals that in eight weeks she will be back in the USA. I don’t  It’s been a weird exercise in self awareness since my daughter popped back home. It was quickly obvious that she had returned too … Continue reading

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Food inglorious food

I don’t know why I thought a vegan lemon curd doughnut was a healthy breakfast option, but I did. It was singularly the most sugary thing I have ever eaten in my life. As I walked away from the shop … Continue reading

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The Homecoming

We hovered about the gate lounge waiting for her to appear. I was unaccountably nervous wondering how things would be now, while my ex-husband remarked for the umpteenth time on the arduous nature of travelling from New York to LA … Continue reading

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Far be it for me to call myself an authority on happy relationships, but here’s the thing: this is a brief saunter through life, and I think that remaining alongside someone who makes you feel bad about yourself, or who … Continue reading

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