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The Cabin in the woods – part 2

So to recap – My youngest daughter, D2, had returned for a second tenure working at a summer camp in Massachusetts. She had spent the previous American summer there and had fallen in love with the culture, the location and … Continue reading

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Status update – from go to woe

Welcome to the world and welcome to Facebook where your entire life from zygote to delivery has been assiduously documented. From the remarkable 4D scan (ok, about that…forgive me if I’m a tad cynical about the actual geometric possibilities of … Continue reading

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How are you feeling about this?

Her Facebook status reveals that in eight weeks she will be back in the USA. I don’t  It’s been a weird exercise in self awareness since my daughter popped back home. It was quickly obvious that she had returned too … Continue reading

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But once a year…

It’s official – I’ve lost my Christmas mojo. This was the weekend to erect the tree and hang the wreath announcing to the world just how damn festive you are with your syncopated fairy lights flashing madly in the window. … Continue reading

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Facebook Rant

Ok, I despise myself for being on it. Facebook in your forties is torturous in the extreme. Apparently, it’s not used to find out “what’s doin’?”; rather it’s used to announce that you recently finished the latest Jodie Piccoult novel … Continue reading

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