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Mind over matter

For the past week my brain has felt like cold spaghetti. I have been having trouble separating thought streams and no matter how anxious or overloaded it becomes I simply cannot clear my chatty mind.    My internal dialogue is on … Continue reading

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Food inglorious food

I don’t know why I thought a vegan lemon curd doughnut was a healthy breakfast option, but I did. It was singularly the most sugary thing I have ever eaten in my life. As I walked away from the shop … Continue reading

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The Homecoming

We hovered about the gate lounge waiting for her to appear. I was unaccountably nervous wondering how things would be now, while my ex-husband remarked for the umpteenth time on the arduous nature of travelling from New York to LA … Continue reading

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What dreams may come?

“You’d better find the vision board and buy a lotto ticket”, declares the man who finds these invocations to the Universe about as credible as ouija boards. My first attempt at a vision board was assembled at a team bonding … Continue reading

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Cruising with George

I ‘m no fan of cruise ships. The Poseidon Adventure, Gilligan’s Island and The Love Boat all seemed to me to be perfectly valid reasons to avoid a floating holiday. Many of the contemporaries of my youth  disagreed, however and … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Mediocrity

‘Why don’t you have a go at writing something positive?’ – I was asked this late last week by someone who was posing it less as a question than suggestion. Positive you say? So I’m fairly confident I don’t have … Continue reading

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My brilliant career?

What do you want to be when you grow up? I always imagined the answer would appear as a lightning bolt of understanding sometime between finishing high school and death. Still waiting. On the upside I have a list of … Continue reading

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The long road to svelte.

My quads hurt. So, for that matter, do my glutes. It is a ritual on PT night for my beloved to dig his prehensile toes right into the muscle and palpate as we slump on the couch.  Hurts so good. … Continue reading

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Turning of the stone

Our honeymoon surpassed all my expectations.  It was extraordinarily enjoyable and we shared many wonderful experiences. But it’s me we’re talking about – it was never going to be entirely without incident now, was it? You may recall the unfortunate … Continue reading

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The Spa Treatment

I’m a sucker for a day spa. Give me a gift voucher with a spa menu to choose from and I’m one happy lady. I’m getting my Zen on from the moment I enter and some softly spoken, smiley young … Continue reading

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