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The Cabin in the woods – part 2

So to recap – My youngest daughter, D2, had returned for a second tenure working at a summer camp in Massachusetts. She had spent the previous American summer there and had fallen in love with the culture, the location and … Continue reading

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The cabin in the woods – part one

I booked the majority of our recent trip to the States through a travel agent. The one section I decided to plan on my own was four days between New York and San Francisco. The idea was to find somewhere … Continue reading

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Bio mum

Let’s be quite clear about this – the gene pool probably needs a good dose of chlorine.  That’s mine, not yours – I’m sure yours is a mine of inherited intellect and unalloyed attractiveness. This introspection generally arises around the … Continue reading

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What’s cooking?

Second born is quietly going about the business of preparing for another stint of living in the USA (stand back!) There’s not a whole lot I’m required to do. Unlike the good old days when I was the boss of … Continue reading

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How are you feeling about this?

Her Facebook status reveals that in eight weeks she will be back in the USA. I don’t  It’s been a weird exercise in self awareness since my daughter popped back home. It was quickly obvious that she had returned too … Continue reading

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My diamond days are over.

Turns out diamonds are not my best friend. I was recently charged with the task of merchandising a selection of diamond rings, bangles and earrings; a fiddly job that gave me new appreciation for my opposable thumbs. Surreptitiously slipping on … Continue reading

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Party On Down

So I have been thinking about birthdays, in particular those ones that end in zero. My youngest turns twenty next year which means, given I had a zero birthday the year she was born, that I too will endure celebrate … Continue reading

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The Homecoming

We hovered about the gate lounge waiting for her to appear. I was unaccountably nervous wondering how things would be now, while my ex-husband remarked for the umpteenth time on the arduous nature of travelling from New York to LA … Continue reading

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What dreams may come?

“You’d better find the vision board and buy a lotto ticket”, declares the man who finds these invocations to the Universe about as credible as ouija boards. My first attempt at a vision board was assembled at a team bonding … Continue reading

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My 22 year old has just been telling me how eleven year old girls are posting elaborately staged, glamour photos of themselves on Instagram and how confusing these images must be for boys of the same age. We both bemoaned … Continue reading

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